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7th june
will you be the 1000th vistor? special prize available - email us via the feedback page if you think you are the 1000th person to visit the prime site


6th june
online invites added here
downloads are on the way - animations, desktop images etc - comeback soon


27th may
feedback section now online feel free to contact us or say what you fancy ....... within reason.


27th may
hp and computerwarehouse have come through with printing help and loan of equipment - we are very grateful and recommend you buy an HP printer from computerwarehouse straight away - student sites are beginning to be populated now - check out andy walters site
here andy has cultivated links and and completed some work recently for glasshead



20th may
the TVU digital soup site went live today - kingston college and prime 05 are exhibiting as part of digital soup
visit digital soup now



19th may
website went live yesterday - still some glitches but on the whole it is in place and working - if you have any comments or wish to add and or change anything please contact


13th may
with preparations well under way artwork went off to printers today for our brochure, final projects began to make sense and a deadline of thursday 19th was set for the website
materials are in hand for the display units and while everything still looks fairly daunting everything is still on track and looking good -watch this space!!

primed canvas
prime minister
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